Both sides of the fence.. (Skinny Vs. Heavy)

This is going to be painful but seriously needs to be addressed… I realize being too skinny or too heavy isn’t good for your health but society has taken a little too far.

I am going to do a skinny vs. heavy blog because I hear a lot of women/Men that get flack over both. Skinny and heavy people are both struggling with something. They are human beings who need lifted up not torn down. Since when is it okay to make fun of someone because they don’t fit into your “ideal” image.

When either look in the mirror they no longer see themselves.. They see what is constantly being pointed out.. The rolls, the bones, the excess skin, the sunken stomach. Neither see anything beautiful. They don’t notice the beautiful skin tone, the nice hair or gorgeous eyes.

Both sides hear what you say about them and are secretly crying and fighting hard to fix it. In middle school I was very skinny but guess what I had an eating disorder and struggled everyday with what people would say about me! Guess why I started making myself throw up after eating because when I was a child I heard someone call me solid and that I was big for my age. What they didn’t know is I was being injected with steroids to help with psoriasis and it made me bulk up. Being a young girl and hearing that had a major effect on my life.  Then as I began to get the eating disorder under control I began to gain weight. I wouldn’t say I was fat but I wasn’t skinny anymore. I was struggling so hard and I continued to hear what people would say and it hurt just as bad. Later in life I became pregnant with my first child and I was considered high risk and placed on bed rest due to pre-eclampsia. During this time I began to put on a lot of weight and after child birth I kept the weight on now weighing close to 300lbs. I would diet, exercise but nothing seemed to work. When I heard people talking it just made me comfort eat. Now that I have seen both sides of the fence I respect all human beings! People are beautiful in their own ways. We need to be careful how we speak to or about other. Trust me, they hear you and even though you don’t think so you have the power to affect their lives. Make sure you do it in a positive manor. If your concerned about someone’s weight then make sure to encourage them and not discourage them. Your words are very powerful. Your silent glances can pierce the soul!  I build my children up daily with positive praise because I know this world will tear them down. I know one day someone will say something that will impact my children in a negative manor and I want them to feel good enough about themselves that it just dents them not breaks them completely. I hear a song a while back that really spoke to me and I wanted to share it with you.

I hope that if nothing else this short blog will make you stop and think before you act.