I gave up my “life” to become a Mom

I gave up my “life” to become a Mom

The day I found out I was pregnant was one of the scariest times of my life. Everyone was telling me what I would lose and being so young I wasn’t sure I wanted to give up my life for a child. As this little baby began to grow inside me I quickly knew I would do anything for this child. As I heard the first heartbeat, felt the first kick and saw the first ultra sound my world quickly began to change.
One our son was born I realize I gave up my body to create this tiny, beautiful human being. My body would never be the same for each tear of joy I had a stretch mark to remind me.
The friends that I thought I couldn’t live without quickly faded into the back ground. My late night life no longer consisted of partying or watching movies. It revolved around rocking this precious child, feeding him and changing diapers. I suffered from sleep deprivation for weeks as we adjusted to the new schedule. Every little coo or smile that I was given paid off any of the late nights I had.
My time was no longer my own, I would constantly be doing something that revolved around this little child. As he began to grow and crawl I was constantly chasing him and moving things to protect him.
I quickly got rid of anything that was breakable or that my child could get hurt on. I replaced all the cool artwork with beautiful pictures of my family. Couches got sold and were replaced with rocking chairs, mustang got sold and replaced with a maxima.
Then came along our second child… We gave up even more of our time. I no longer was able to take a bath by myself because rubber ducky is dirty and needs a bath too accompanied by a child. These precious moments I would trade a million baths alone for.
Shopping for that adorable outfit for a date night turned into finding a cute outfit for my children. Getting ready in the morning was no longer about me looking good, I was just happy if I managed to get everyone dressed and out the door with two shoes on. I quickly learned that I could shower and be dressed in 5 minutes flat. The exact amount of time before my children realized I wasn’t watching TV with them.
My Saturdays no longer consist of relaxing and reading a novel. It consists of ballgames and cleaning up the house (which stays that way for about 2 min). I love that my home is lived in and that we are constantly creating memories.
I no longer have a meal to myself because as soon as I sit down I get the I want a bite of that… I love that my children want to be a part of everything because I also want them to be included.
My life has changed and I gave up so much when I became a Mom but what’s funny is looking back no of the stuff before mattered. My life wouldn’t be complete without my children.


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