Getting Organized starting with the Kitchen

I love organization it makes life so much easier so I wanted to share some of the ideas I use to help me be more organized. 

Let’s start with the Pantry:

  1. Take all your food out of the pantry and take inventory of what you have (this will help you save money on food as well because you will find things you forgot you had).
  2. Organize food in like categories (example: canned beans, veggies, pastas)
  3. Once you have your categories  place them back in the pantry in categories
  4. I put all my can goods in space savers that I got at the dollar tree it helps keep things organized and saves room in my pantry. I also use food storage containers for flour, sugar and cereal to help minimize the bags in the pantry.

Now that the pantry is organized let’s move to the dreaded dish towels and pot holders

I keep all my dish towels and pot holders in one drawer. I fold my dish towels and place them on their sides so that they stand up.                     

This allows me to find what I need more quickly and also have more space in my drawer. Then I do the same with my pot holders. 

The Refrigerator is one of the most hated areas in my life. I cook a lot so it’s hard to maintain organization. To begin I take everything out of the refrigerator and wipe down all the shelves. Then I take an inventory of everything I have and if anything is outdated I throw it away and then write it down on my shopping list so that I don’t run out of anything.  (Just a side note I keep a marker board on the refrigerator and write down items that I use often as they run out).

The next step is to again place everything in categories such as dressings, jars of food, fruits, and vegetables.

Once you have your categories place them neatly back in the refrigerator. I personally put mine in rows so by category and height so that I can see each item. You will be amazed at how much easier your life will be. 

The cabinets are pretty easy as far as plates, cups and bowls, but the dreaded pots and pans are where I struggle the most.  I put nails in my cabinets to hang my small pots and pans on the inside of the cabinet, then I turn my baking sheets, muffin pans and skillets on their sides as to make it more efficient. I stack my pots and I always try to organize things by what I use most often.  As mentioned before I cook a lot so I have a lot of cooking supplies and I don’t want to have to dig for stuff when I’m trying to get dinner ready. 

Once your kitchen is completely organized you will began to feel a sense of success J Just remember that You still have a lot of house left to organize so don’t tackle it all in one day.



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