Finding Peace

I decided to title this post “Finding Peace”.. You may ask yourself what this has to do with my previous post of my blog mission so to speak. In my blog I speak a lot about frugality and homemade things. I also speak about how I am a career woman and I don’t want to make my family feel neglected. I first have to say I am not a super woman. I work long hours at the office, get home and cook dinner, get homework done and then love on my family before bedtime and starting all over again. Most of my weekends are spent preparing food for the next week, cleaning and family time. I try to squeeze in as much as I can with my family (they are my top priority no matter what). I found myself the other day very frustrated that I didn’t have time for my wish list of projects. I became angry that I had to work and couldn’t be a stay home mom like many of my friends. Then I read a blog about accepting your current situation and being thankful for the time you have. BAM!! I felt like someone hit me. I have so much to be thankful for and often forget to actually stop and soak it all in. God has been good to my family. I am able to work and help my husband provide for our family. We have the funds available to supply our needs and some wants. Our goal is to waste as little money as possible. I don’t like to eat out for several reasons (it’s expensive and it’s unhealthy), but there are times when it’s nice to have a break from the hustle and bustle. I want my family to feel that they are my top priority but the truth is sometimes I have to work when they have events and I know that upsets them and it upsets me as well. I am explain that I work to provide a future for our family. My husband and I are working both outside and inside our home to provide a strong legacy for our children. We want them to know that hard work and happiness go hand in hand. If your planting a garden, cleaning house or working outside your home it all has value. I am finding peace with the fact that I work and can’t accomplish all the things a stay at home mom does. One of a Women’s biggest downfall is comparing ourselves to others and then tearing each other down because we don’t think what they are doing is “Ideal”. We need to encourage and support each other even if it’s not our ideal situation it is theirs. For example breastfeed VS formula, Cloth diaper VS disposable, Stay at home VS Career Mom’s. All these things still benefit our families just in different ways. No family is alike so therefore no situation is alike. I enjoy going to work and being able to take some of the burden off my husband, even though I miss staying home with our children as well. I admire the women who are stay home mom’s just as much as I admire the women who work outside the home. Both jobs are equally tiring and equally rewarding. In discovering this I have been able to find peace that I am a working mom. My family is not neglected. I have home cooked meals almost every day, My home is always clean and my children and Husband know they are loved (if you don’t cook or clean it doesn’t mean your family is neglected ). I have also come to peace with the fact that I can wait on a load of laundry in order to read an extra book to my children at bed time. I am still working on finding peace in other situations in my life but for now I will worry about today and I will tackle tomorrow’s storms tomorrow.


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