Back to nature

Back to nature

This picture was taken by my mother Lucy Slater. They live in the middle of nowhere and growing up I never appreciate the beauty in it all. I always wanted to move in to town and I didn’t care if I ever saw a dirt road again. Now that I’m older and have children of my own, my heart longs to return to home! The beauty in the mountains that surrounds my parents’ home is breath taking. Animals literally walk through the front yard. It wasn’t unusual to hear coyotes howling at night, see a bear walk across the field or even have a heard of deer in the front yard. As a child I was too busy making plans to notice the beauty in it. I grew up in the Mountains where neighbors were more like family. We would walk several miles to help an elderly lady milk cows and gather eggs so that we could make cupcakes from scratch. She taught of that hard work gets rewarded but the reward might have to come from yourself. I worked in the Mennonites saw meal helping plain lumber to build one of the neighbors’ homes. The things I took for granted now I would pay almost anything to have that feeling again. To be in the middle of nowhere yet surrounded by so much. I miss the rain on the tin roof in the middle of a rain storm, hearing the thunder echo through the mountains. Looking out and seeing our garden flourish after a day of hard work. I learned so much in the mountains and I wish the same for my children. I am constantly telling my husband that I can’t wait to find land and build our own legacy with our children. So I couldn’t help but share this amazing photo that my mother took. I hope you see the beauty in it as I do.


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